Thursday, January 8, 2009


As I continue the development of my show, I've listened in on several other shows. Some of them have been more favorable than others. Nonetheless, each time and everytime I do listen in, by the end of the show, I've acquired several new "friends". Many of which have already commited to "following" my show and/or this blog. Publically, I say thank you to each of you.

DEAN...I had a terrific time with you, and the crew, Tuesday evening. We took your show, "Bootycall Etiquette", in a totally different direction. Thank you for being so I had a blast. If any of you are interested in checking out the podcast I am making reference to, you may visit Dean's show page at Once you are on the page, scroll down through his archives until you get to his, "BootyCall Etiquette" show, which aired Tuesday, January 6, 2009. Also, I have to publically thank Dean for teaching me how to embed my webcam from USTREAM.TV, onto my show page at Thanks Dean!

Now, I am able to be seen as well as heard...

Free video chat by Ustream
I am totally amazed by today's technology, and what is being created by anyone who takes the time to create something (hell... anything). We are truly living in a time when any and everything is uniquely possible. We just elected, in the words of James Brown, "a FUNKY new President" didn't we??!!! :)

Anyway, last night I was familiarizing myself with USTREAM.TV, and I just so happened across Jazzy's page. Before I left, Jazzy had given her listening audience a bite of "karaoke". hehe She sang a few jazz favorites for us, which I found to be pretty hilarious to say the least. Jazzy streams live jazz, afterhours. You can visit her at I am certain that you will find her schedule posted there.

I embedded my webcam, via USTREAM.TV, onto my show page today. As a result, I am one step closer to the launch of the first show...


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  1. USTREAM, Bootycall Etiquette, Jazz Karaoke...You've been busy.