Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Dictionary.com displays 9 different definitions for the word, "vision". For the sake of this blog entry, I'm going with the second one which reads, "2. the act or power of anticipating that which WILL or may come to BE."

Over the years, I have learned that the words "focus" and "vision" are interchangeable, and that the two combined are imperative, in order that there be "sight". I must admit, that there have been times in my life, when my lack of "focus", has caused me to lose "sight" of my "vision", which ultimately resulted in nothing. I can say with pride, today, I am much stronger now (smile).

The past few weeks have been very emotionally trying for me, and have required my full attention. One of my two month old twins, is going through the experience of a certain medical condition. This condition has been pulling my husband and I in several directions. Nonetheless, our family is secure in the belief, "and this too shall pass". I am purposefully omitting details regarding this experience, here, in order to minimize the power behind it. We envision perfect health for Zen, and remain fixated on that. Can I get a right on ??!!

It is often, so easy, to lose focus when the things around us do not seem favorable. In an imperfect world, we can expect to suffer loss, disappointment, tragedy, misfortunes etc. Although each of these things have a tendency to weaken the will of our spirit (if we allow them to), we must be mindful that, given the power, they also have the potential to keep us at a distance from our goal (s).

I say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Please join me for my SHOW PREMIERE, Fri. February 6th. It will be broadcast, "LIVE", beginning at 8 pm pacific time/11 pm eastern.

I will be featuring, Spoken Word Artist and National HIV Activist, Roxanne Hanna-Ware, who will be speaking candidly about her journey as a black woman, infected with the HIV virus. The show will not only be interesting, but it will also be very informative. Call in to learn, to share your story in reference to this disease, or simply to listen!

You can participate one of two ways: 1) If you will be using the internet to access the show, please visit:

www.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/TheButterflyTribe, and follow the prompts from there.

2) If you'll be calling in, the number is (646) 478-5474. I eagerly anticipate the power of that which WILL come to BE!

I am your sister.

The ButterflyTribe Khalifa

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Test Run

It's been challenging trying to get all the technological systems synced together. I've never been very good at managing tech equiptment of any sort. Believe it or not, I have to call my husband or son in to set things up, if I want to watch a movie via dvd. I know! I know! It's pretty ridiculous huh? Hehe...

However, I do know that as we continue to "practice" a thing, it gets easier and easier to do. So, instead of calling my husband in to rescue me, technologically, I have decided to struggle through it and reward myself, by learning a few new things in the process of the struggle this time around. Sometimes, I just get a bit impatient, and expect that things should move faster. Then again, I have to keep reminding myself that "it is what it is". I am on time in time.

The update on my progress to date? Well, about 4:00 am, today, I scheduled the shows "test run". This pre-show will incorporate all the technology that I have been acquiring, and learning to navigate, for the past week and a half. Also, I've added "Skype" to the equation. If you haven't discovered Skype yet, you must experience it. General accounts at www.skype.com are free, and registering is simple. Go check it out. If you happen to register, you can "search" for me under the skype name: khalifas.innerviews

Anyway, if you should be AWAKE, you may join us LIVE for the "Test Run", Monday January 12, 2009 at 3:00 am. You can access the Pre-Show by calling in to (646) 478-5474, or join us via web at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thebutterflytribe. If you are accessing us by web, you'll need to click on "Test Run" (which will show as ON AIR), on the show page, between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 am.

If you can't make the pre-show, no worries. You can still use the weblink provided above to access the "Test Run" Pre-Show in our archives, after it has aired LIVE. You'll find the show(s) archives listed on the show page as well.

Ok, that about raps it up for now...


Thursday, January 8, 2009


As I continue the development of my show, I've listened in on several other shows. Some of them have been more favorable than others. Nonetheless, each time and everytime I do listen in, by the end of the show, I've acquired several new "friends". Many of which have already commited to "following" my show and/or this blog. Publically, I say thank you to each of you.

DEAN...I had a terrific time with you, and the crew, Tuesday evening. We took your show, "Bootycall Etiquette", in a totally different direction. Thank you for being so open...lol. I had a blast. If any of you are interested in checking out the podcast I am making reference to, you may visit Dean's show page at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/beyonddating. Once you are on the page, scroll down through his archives until you get to his, "BootyCall Etiquette" show, which aired Tuesday, January 6, 2009. Also, I have to publically thank Dean for teaching me how to embed my webcam from USTREAM.TV, onto my show page at www.blogtalkradio.com/TheButterflyTribe. Thanks Dean!

Now, I am able to be seen as well as heard...

Free video chat by Ustream
I am totally amazed by today's technology, and what is being created by anyone who takes the time to create something (hell... anything). We are truly living in a time when any and everything is uniquely possible. We just elected, in the words of James Brown, "a FUNKY new President" didn't we??!!! :)

Anyway, last night I was familiarizing myself with USTREAM.TV, and I just so happened across Jazzy's page. Before I left, Jazzy had given her listening audience a bite of "karaoke". hehe She sang a few jazz favorites for us, which I found to be pretty hilarious to say the least. Jazzy streams live jazz, afterhours. You can visit her at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/smooth-jazz-after-hours. I am certain that you will find her schedule posted there.

I embedded my webcam, via USTREAM.TV, onto my show page today. As a result, I am one step closer to the launch of the first show...


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's Get This Show on the Road!

So...it's the 7th day into the New Year, and I've officially moved a few of my projects from the "back burner" to the front of the stove. A few of my goals for this year is to be more productive, to follow my projects through to completion, and to develop new ones, with the intention of keeping my forward motion perpetual.

In late summer of 2007, I registered as a "host" at www.blogtalkradio.com . At the time, I was eager to secure the url, www.blogtalkradio.com/TheButterflyTribe, before it would potentially become the property of "who knows who" in this world, knowing that there would come a time that my blogtalkradio show, "Innerviews", would be one of those projects that would FINALLY be moved off of the back burner, and into the forefront of my current aspirations. Well, that time is NOW folks...

This past week, I have listened to show after show on the blogtalkradio site, as I work diligently to develop my own. Listening to the other shows is definitely broadening my view, as it relates to how I want to present myself to the world, via this medium. I mean hey, my reputation could potentially be on the line right? Or perhaps, that may just be my own personal insecurity.

Nonetheless, I'm choosing to move beyond the barrier of fear, shyness, and anything else that has been feeding my procrastination regarding this project, into the realm of success! Long live "InnerViews...Conversations with the Soul"!

My first "live" podcast coming soon. Stay tuned...

As Ever,