Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's Get This Show on the Road!'s the 7th day into the New Year, and I've officially moved a few of my projects from the "back burner" to the front of the stove. A few of my goals for this year is to be more productive, to follow my projects through to completion, and to develop new ones, with the intention of keeping my forward motion perpetual.

In late summer of 2007, I registered as a "host" at . At the time, I was eager to secure the url,, before it would potentially become the property of "who knows who" in this world, knowing that there would come a time that my blogtalkradio show, "Innerviews", would be one of those projects that would FINALLY be moved off of the back burner, and into the forefront of my current aspirations. Well, that time is NOW folks...

This past week, I have listened to show after show on the blogtalkradio site, as I work diligently to develop my own. Listening to the other shows is definitely broadening my view, as it relates to how I want to present myself to the world, via this medium. I mean hey, my reputation could potentially be on the line right? Or perhaps, that may just be my own personal insecurity.

Nonetheless, I'm choosing to move beyond the barrier of fear, shyness, and anything else that has been feeding my procrastination regarding this project, into the realm of success! Long live "InnerViews...Conversations with the Soul"!

My first "live" podcast coming soon. Stay tuned...

As Ever,



  1. Met this morning on the Brew HA HA ...

    Wanted to wish you the best...send link.



  2. Can't wait for the show. I love the concept of INNERVIEWS. Sometimes it can be hard to just do...and move beyond the barriers. I find that simple things get in the way, like laundry....but no more. Good luck to you...Khalifa. :) I'll be reading and listening.